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Doug Pedersen is the founder and president of Dryve Design Group, Inc. Doug has completed hundreds of projects from Residential remodels to massive 3D Renderings and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.  Let Doug and the Dryve team show you what they can do for your next project!!!

“Doug, the house is looking amazing! Your design is so perfect & absolutely stunning! Each detail- the arches in the covered patio, the peaks in the roof line, the window spacing...we are LOVING this design.  Thank you! Megan Pate, Residential Remodel Client”

what we do:

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Dryve Design Group has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of home-owners, contractors and developers. From restaurants to charter schools to new construction homes, we've done it all!  

Our History

With a background in architecture and design as well as a passion for building, Dryve Design Group has always pushed the limits of what is possible.  From free-hand napkin sketches to large scale super renderings, the team at Dryve Design Group is up for any challenge.  We strive to give the client exactly what they want while sticking to their budget and time restraints.  Over the years, Dryve Design Group has produced hundreds of high quality renderings for a wide range of clients from large scale developers to single family home owners.  We have provided many images for the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park including a series of renderings for the new Reptile Mesa exhibit.  We work closely with contractors to deliver the highest level of accuracy possible.  Whether the project is in San Diego, Denver or New York, we are committed to producing the highest quality 3D renderings in the industry!


why we're different:

After years if experimenting with different drafting software and drawing techniques, Dryve has developed a system to take your project from concept to permit in no time!  The process is based on a highly detailed 3D model which produces amazing renderings and detailed construction documents faster than anyone in the industry!

Our History