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RESIDENTIAL / COMMERCIAL DESIGN is broken into 4 different phases.  As-built / existing conditions - We will take measurements of the existing structure or space and create an accurate set of plans.  Preliminary Design - We work with the client to create the perfect design solution for their needs.  Construction Documents - We create a full set of plans with all necessary information required to obtain a building permit.  Permit Processing - We will submit your plans and meet with city reviewers to obtain a building permit.  A spreadsheet with estimated costs for each phase will be sent to the client before any work begins.

CONSTRUCTION PLANS can be created for your project with efficiency and accuracy.  Whether you're a developer, contractor or real estate investor, Dryve can get you ready to build in a short amount of time.  Cost will vary from project to project and Dryve will send a detailed spreadsheet to get our clients the financial information they need to move forward with their project.